Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kids Book? Adults can read it? What?!

One thing that has been added to the Dean's List of favourites is the author Rick Riordan.  Though he writes mostly children books Josh and I LOVE them.  I am in the midst of reading the Pearcy Jackson series.  I find it is very rare that I can find well written children's books that are readable by adults.  These books are definitely on the "read to my children list."  Josh and I like the "Heroes of Olympus" series the most that combines Greek and Roman mythology.  One thing that should be noted that in the fourth book of the series there is brief mention that one of the characters is gay.  Parents should be aware of this and instead of avoiding the issue perhaps use it as an discussion point in their households.  The mention in the book seems like an editor's choice that was later included in the story line to "increase the audience"--this is unfortunate as I have seen this tactic before. i.e. "Oh there is no girl in the story?  Lets just throw her in here," or "Oh there is no romance?   We need female readers so lets throw a kiss in here."  No matter where you stand on the issue of homosexuality it is  topic that should be talked about and not avoided.  I guarantee if you are not talking about it all they will know is what misinformation their friends and media give them.

Over all the books are amazingly well written and are action based--rather than the current emotionally driven trend (thanks a lot Twilight).  The books are applicable to both males and females and are great vocabulary builders.  I recommend that children read the Percy Jackson series between 10-14, the Kane series(Egyptian mythology) between the ages of 12-14, and the Heroes of Olympus series between the ages of 13+.  If you are reading these books to your children--which I highly encourage--you can knock 2 years off of the recommendations.

You'll like these books if you like:
Harry Potter, Eragon books, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Narnia, any other adventure series.

You'll hate these books if:
You are not into mythology, are looking for a "romantic fix," or are reading these to children that are just too young--the chapters can be lengthy and long.

5/5 for content
4/5 for family friendliness (not for young children)
4/5 for originality
4.5/5 overall rating

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