Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Queer is not Okay!

First there needs to be a confession...I am a Facebook creeper.  Recently a family member of mine acquired a new "significant other."  I did not know this person, so what would any self respecting girl do?  Facebook stalk them of course!  :)

As I ventured in to the world of adolescents--I am the oldest of my generation in my family--I was amazed by several things.  First is that texting has ruined a younger generations ability to spell.  Instead of typing "know" the seem to think "kno" is acceptable.  The second is the vast amount of disrespectful language that was on their Facebook pages.  In my opinion under no circumstances is ever okay to call someone a "queer" or a "fag."  I don't care where you stand on gay marriage, or homosexuality in general it is NOT OKAY!

It is not okay in the same way that it is not okay to use racial slang.  It is not okay in the same way that is not okay to demean someone based on their gender--"bitch," "c--t," etc.  It is not okay in the same way that it is not okay to use demeaning slang about ethnicity.  It is not okay in the same way that it is not okay to use the word "retard" or "retarded."  IT IS NOT OKAY!

Who is to blame?  Who allowed this atrocity to happen?  Who said this is okay?

Here are a few tips:

1. Watch what you say yourself--a lot of the language children use is picked up from older siblings and parents.
2. Teach children that using these words is not harmless--it is prejudicial and bullying.
3. Take a stand.  Mention to people that that word is not acceptable.
4. ALL people were created and are cared for by God.  That means that demeaning his creation is demeaning him.
5.  RESPECT.  Treat everyone as you want to be treated--it is the golden rule.  Even if you do not agree with what a person believes they are as human as you.

Sorry about the inflammatory title, but I had to get you to read this somehow :-)  In summary be kind to one another, tenderhearted, and forgiving one another, even as Christ has forgiven you.

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