Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lessons From My Dog

We got a puppy in October.  Little did we know that this 4 pound bundle of snuggles and licks would teach us a lot about life and love.

Reagan--Which means "Little King" in Gaelic has become our baby.  He truly is the little king of our house and gets away with too much!  We didn't plan on getting a dog until this summer, but I was an online college student stuck at home by myself 5 days a week. He has truly adapted to this life style and even as I am typing this he is sleeping next to me on our bed.

Lesson 1: Shake it Off.

This is a lesson I wish I could take in whole-heartily. I love Reagan to death, but he is the biggest klutz in the world.  I remember when we were teaching him how to use the stairs he got all of the way down to the bottom and fell the last few steps.  He got up looked at the stairs and came running to me for a treat because he thought he had done so well. This is an attitude that all humans should adopt. Instead of acting like Reagan did and thinking "I failed, but I did so well."  We think "I failed, I did terrible." We ignore the other ten steps that we successfully were able to climb down before taking a spill on the last two.  We need to adopt the healthier attitude on our failures and instead of obsessing on what went wrong we need to evaluate and then celebrate what we did right.

Lesson 2: Other Dogs are Not Going to Always Like You.

It is so humorous to watch Reagan "make friends."  I have been observing his social behaviours for one of my classes for school and he has a three strikes and I move on policy.  He will first approach another dog, if not accepted on face value he will try and play, if that does not work he resorts to sniffing in area us humans find strange.  If this doesn't work he just goes and finds another dog to play with. I think on all of the times I tried to force a friendship.  A lesson to learn here is it is okay if not everyone is your friend.  I think of a post on Facebook I saw the other day that said "I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies," most of us would prefer 4 really good friends over 100 people we just know.

Lesson 3: Toys are Fun, But Family is Better

Reagan and his "Daddy"

One thing I love about our dog is that when ever we come into the room he immediately drops whatever toy he is playing with and comes over for a cuddle. In an electronic age it is too often that I see people in a restaurant on their phone playing candy crush and texting instead of engaging in one another.  If this happens in a restaurant where we are supposed to be on our best behaviour, what happens at home?  Put down the phone and embrace the "Better."

More Lessons to be learned

There are many more lessons to be learned form our dog and I will continue to share them from time to time.  Today I think these three might be the most important.  Have a great day.

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  1. Wow, you are a great writer. This was a really great read. Love it!