Monday, April 28, 2014

The Plague of Photoshop

So you have all seen the videos on facebook and youtube on how they manipulate photos of women. To see one follow this link here.  So what I thought is you have to be a pro to do stuff like that.  Little did I know that it was so easy.  One day I was curious to the process and I went on youtube to find out how long it would take to photoshop someone like that.  I was shocked. I could make someone lose 10+ lbs and gain 3 cup sizes in under 3 mins. So I set my timer and went at it.  This was my first attempt:
Before                                       After
What madness is this that I can do this in 3 mins on Photoshop?! This is literally my first try! Imagine what someone can do if they have been doing this for years! On average the cover photos you see on stands spend over 50 hours in Photoshop.

How to Stop the Plague

So first of all you need to realize that everything you see is false.  In the above picture I took a naturally beautiful young woman and turned her into a "monster"--you know the women we see in ads and secretly all hate because we will never look like them, even though you have never met her.

Second step after realizing everything is false is to learn to see why.  If you look in the area around her rear you will see that the posts are a little warped.  A pro will know how to cover these but it is a start.  This is also why magazine ads are all plain coloured backgrounds--it doesn't matter if they warp.

Third is to stop playing the comparison game. We all do it. We all walk by other women and go "wow her arms are skinnier than mine, but at least I don't have that problem area on my stomach."  We are all beautiful in our own way.  As far as weight goes the best look on you is healthy.

The Best Look is Healthy

This is scary.  What is healthy?  I wish I could say "Healthy is 127 lbs, or 157 lbs." The truth of the matter is that is depends on almost everything except your weight.  Throw those nasty numbers out the window.  It all depends on what activities you are doing and your body type.  This is something you need to talk to a well qualified nutritionist about.

All said and done this is the photo I like the best:

My Beautiful Sister with no Photoshop!

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