Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why America's Got Talent Has Gone Too Far.

Have you heard of Dustin?  Well now you will.  This gentleman was featured on the first episode of America's Got Talent season 9.  His performance was a karate exhibition called Dustin's Dojo.  It featured a young gentleman who had autistic tenancies.  This man was ridiculed by the audience for seeming simple and insipid. His halted and endearing speech pattern made this man an easy target for producers to make fun of.  Judge Howard Stearn called them a great comedy act. I on the other hand see a sincere, yet misdirected young man.

Shame on the producers for using Dustin as fodder for the masses.  Why did they not feature the struggles he had growing up rather than degrade this man.  The package that was constructed made this man look like a fool, an idiot, and just all around stupid.  I have no problem with this gentleman's performance, but I do have a problem with how the producers edited his package together.  Please join with me in writing the producers and letting them know that the treatment of individuals with slight mental handicapped impairments in such a manor is not appreciated, or tolerated.

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