Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why I won't apologize...

What are you not apologizing for?

If you are like me at some point in the day you go over to your computer, you pull up your internet browser, and open facebook.  You are browsing through all of your friends posts and you see it, the terrible, ineffable, superfluous relationship post.   It usually goes something like this,

"I am so excited that we are celebrating our 3 month anniversary!  I love you so much John Doe!!!!!  I cannot believe I have been blessed with such an amazing, wonderful, and handsome guy!  On top of all of that he took me to etc......."

You know how much I want to gag when I see these posts? I know what you are thinking, "Hang on Amber, haven't I seen you post something like that?"  The answer is yes, but let me get to that in a minute...

When I see such posts I usually have 3 main reactions

1. The "Oh Honey," this reaction is meant in the best way possible, but after being married for a couple of years I feel pretty safe in saying you are in the "honeymoon/newrelationship/delusional bubble."   This is not a bad place to be.  In  fact it was one of my favourite times of my life.  I approach this with the cynical "just you wait and see" attitude.  The just you wait until you get sick of X and he leaves out Y on the floor all the time.

The thing is, is this attitude right? The answer to that is probably not, but I discuss that later on :)

2. The "Quick Where is the Puke Bucket," sometimes this is just so nauseating I cannot help just clicking and removing the post from my feed.  The rest of this feeling is rather self explanatory.

3. The "Who Do You Think You are Fooling," we all have those friends that are constantly posting all of their relationship problems on the internet.  So if you post you hate your significant other one day, don't expect me to believe you the next day that you had a complete change of heart.

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Why are you telling me all of this Amber?

You know when I mentioned above about being guilty of this.  The above is to showing my previous attitude towards these posts.  There have also been several blogs this past summer written by single people that I have seen agree with my sentiments, but my attitude has changed. I occasionally still gag at a post or to, but I'll survive.  

So why am I not apologizing?  Is it to rub my married happiness in my single friends faces?


Marriage is hard work.  In fact I can say it is the hardest thing I have ever done/taken part in, but it has been far been the most rewarding.  Did you ever notice in the bible that Satan did not tempt Adam and Eve until they were together?  I do not think that is a coincidence.  So I am not going to apologize for the occasional syrupy posts I have, but I believe that everyday we stay together, as a slight symbol of the love Christ has for us, learning that love is more about giving than taking, is worth celebrating.  I will also let you in on a little secret...our significant others LOVE when we brag on them in public, so brag away! 

Blessings to you all,


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