Thursday, December 5, 2013

25 days of Christmas DIY: Day 4

Next time you go shopping choose paper over plastic.  This DIY is easy and fun--you can also do it with the kids :)  Our puppy also helped make these.

Paper Bag Gingerbread Men:

What you need:
Paper Grocery Sack
Cookie Cutter
Hole Punch
Markers and other crafting supplies
Yarn or Ribbon

 Cut bag so only the paper shows.  Sometimes the grocer puts ads on the front.

Use cookie cutter as a stencil.  If you do not have a cookie cutter you can print out a template, and use that.

Cut out the trace.

Punch hole in head 

String in Ribbon or Yarn.

Decorate!  This is the fun part!  Be as creative as you want! Our puppy enjoys coloring likes to "help."  You can even add a yarn scarf.

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