Saturday, December 7, 2013

25 days of DIY Christmas: Day 7

First of all Thank You to all of our veterans, especially if you served in Pearl Harbor.

Today we are staying in the world of felt--it is incredibly inexpensive and has so many uses.

Felt Mitten Ornaments:

What you need:
Felt Scraps
Embroidery thread

Cut out two small mitten shapes from felt.

Blanket stitch across the top of one mittens.
If you do not know how to click here.

Then add 2 inches, or 4-5cm, of thread and start on the top of second mitten.

Now you can sew buttons on your mitten or embroider.  I did two different patterns to mix it up.

Proceed to put the thumbs of the mittens together.  Make two small--try to make them invisible--stitches.

You can now hang it on the tree!

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